Saturday, April 19, 2008

World Tenpin Masters- Day 1

Oh dear. The best 2 words i can put together without using ****

Ok, i felt awful on the lane. The approaches were the stickiest I have ever played on and that made me extremely uncomfortable on the lane.

I had no confidence and to make matters worst, i was the first match. A million hours around the world and i had the least amount of rest.

Now that i have had my whinge, i must comment on my opponent.
James Tidd. Never heard of him, never met him till the day of the match. Its a name I wont forget either. He had nothing to lose, had a big family crowd to support him and it was his birthday. My chances of winning were dropping dramatically every minute.

He played a great game. he carried everything (which helps) and settled in on the lane much better than I did. I guess he was expected to lose so losing wasnt so bad.
But in this format noone is safe. I mean 2 games, well my grand father can beat me in 2 games.

He is a good bowler who im sure will only get better as his career goes on. I wish him all the luck in the event and I look forward to bowling him in a another event with a few more games :)

As for me, Ill get over it. I was looking for a 8 ft ladder and some rope after the match, but after a good night sleep and a chat with my wife Kimberly, I am now convinced this will only make me a stronger bowler.

Kuwait next, so i need to forget about the woes of the WTM and think about how I am going to win the Kuwait Open.

be good


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