Saturday, April 26, 2008

Kuwait Open: Day 2

Day 2 is now done and dusted.

I bowled much better today. I started 215 (opened the 10th) then came back with 258, 276, 242, 211 and 257. I felt much more in control of my ball than i did yesterday. I used my rapid fire for the most and it struck so much.
The lanes are not hard by any means, but the carry % is so high for me that when i get near the 1-3, it strikes.

There is an out of bounds so you cant just throw it where ever, but there is a fair bit of room left.

I now have another 6 games of qualifying to go, then it cuts to the top 32. We then bowl 8 games and the top 16 are to start from scratch for a 15 game round robin.

The event really doesnt start till you make the top 16.

If i can keep throwing the ball like that (like i did today) I really think I can win this tournament.

be good


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