Friday, April 25, 2008

Kuwait Open

The Kuwait Open.

I have had a great history with this event. I have played it twice, winning in 05,06 and 6th in 07.

The format this year is great. 26 games of qualifying, cut to the top 16, drop the pins, round robin, top 6 making the step ladder.

I played the first day qualifying tonight and played up and down. Started like a road train 300, 254. Then it got a little fuzzy. 190, 190 and 182. The lanes got messy and i played them so wrong, not to mention i missed a spare.
I am crossing with Andres Gomez and he was playing a little to the right, so i followed him (thanks mate) and i shot 233 to finish to lead the day by a single pin.

Pervis Granger also helped me out with giving me an idea to change ball, so i must thank him. (owe you a drink mate, maybe not in Kuwait, not to much to drink here, but some where else in the world).

Plenty of games to go, so i hope i can keep throwing the ball well and make every shot count

be good


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