Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Storm Dutch Open Part 2

My apologies to everyone..... I had accidently typed in Belgium Open finals and not the Storm Dutch Open.....I was in HOLLAND this week :) Sorry

I stayed in the top 8 with my qualifying score so I had the luxury of sleeping in a little.
1pm was tee off time and when I walked into the bowl and saw my first match, I knew I would need every little bit of strength to get me through it.


It's a paring that should be in the title match but because of bowling and its stupid formats we were to bowl each other the first round of the match play.
Just a side note, has Roger Federer and Nadel ever played a first round against each other?? Hmmm......

We were not alone on 5 and 6, Martin Larsen and Tore Torgensen was the other match......again nice format and draw!

It was a best of 3 match and I knew Osku was only going to bowl better the more games we played. It was important that I won in 2 games.

We went blow for blow really....it was neck and neck going into the 9th frame. I was working on some strikes and Osku left a 3 pin in the 9th to give me the chance to get up and in the 10th and shut him out.
Osku was up first and he needed a spare to force me to strike and a double to force me to double.
Osku left a 4-9, it was his best shot, but for how hard he throws it, something should of taken one of the pins.
I stepped up knowing that if I strike I win the game. SOLID 9.
Osku needed to spare the 4-9, which he missed narrowly, leaving me the simple spare for the win.

The lanes started to burn up a lot. With Osku, Me, Martin and Tore on the same pair, the lanes was breaking down fast. I left a 4 in the first frame and then made a large move left, hoping if I slowed it down, I would stay away from everyone and my line would not change.
The 6th frame was the turning point of the match. Osku had 4 strikes and a 9 spare, I had a 9 spare and 5 in a row. Osku then left the most amazing pocket 7- 10 I have ever seen. Pins went flying and somehow the 7-10 stayed upright.
That gave me a little room and I relaxed a little more. I struck out for 290 and Osku did the same for 256.

The toughest guy in the field was gone and I felt like now I had the best chance to win.

My next match was against Paul Moor. The right lane had a awful rack and re-racking was useless.
Paul started poorly and shot 180 something, I had 210 or something like that. But I was more worried about my carry. I left all but the 8 pin and my reaction although looked good, the pins were standing far too much for how many times I thought I smashed the pocket, striking was not easy.

Paul made a ball change and shot 300, making it 1-1. I made a ball change hoping that my strike % would increase and for a second I thought it did.
Strike, 9 spare, double. He had 1 open, 1 spare and 1 strike in the first 4 frames.
Then it started to get a little crazy. Paul struck on 2 shots thats should of been spares, even possibly splits, and I left a solid 9, 7 and 10 in middle of strikes and other spares.
Paul need a mark in the 10th and struck and I of course struck out when it didnt matter.

I was really cranky, I know I cant complain about the format, its the same for everyone, but I really do wish that the Europeans would open their eyes and see that bowling is a game about repetition and skill. Not who gets who on which pair.
Bowling in Europe is great because the level of bowlers is so high, now if only the powers that be let those bowlers show off their skill in more than 3 games, people might want to come and watch some more.
(I say this, but last EBT event when I came in 2nd I wasn't bitching even though it was the same format....haha....I know i am a bad loser)

Anyway....thats my complaining out of the way.
I was happy I bowled and I felt like I bowled well......Thats all you can do.

Kimberly and I must say thank you to the staff at the bowl and the pro shop for all their help. We were treated very kindly and its that kind of welcome that makes us want to come back more and more.....

The next event Ill be bowling is in San Marino in a couple of weeks

Will let you know how I go....


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