Sunday, July 27, 2008

Barcelona - The whole story

Ok i didn't get a chance to write here till now, so i will explain everything.....

I drove from Nice with Kimberly and Celia on Wednesday morning and bowled a squad that night. I was tired and really shouldn't have bowled, but did anyway.
The lanes are tough....which is great to see. It has been a while since I have seen such a tough pattern and good shot making was very important. I scored awful the first set, better the 2nd set and then shot 1300 my 3rd attempt to qualify.
The format though makes you take 1/2 your qualifying score, so I wanted to try and improve on my 1300. I would always have 1 low game on 1 pair (lanes 11-12) and it would cost me 40 pins every time.
11 has no backend and 12 has a bunch. The lowest scoring pair in the house by far. But it was ok. 1300 was plenty and now i just needed to bowl well in the final.

Sunday morning and I felt good. I bowled great the first game and shot 201. Three 10 pins on the left lane and no doubles till the 10th. The scoring pace has been low so a 200 was a good start.
My next pair was my arch enemy. 11-12. I started 9 spare double and felt like this was my chance. I bowled what I thought was a good shot and left a 2-10, to add to my frustration I wrapped the 2 around the 10. Next frame on the left lane I left a pocket 7-10 and then finally a ringing 10. 170 was all i could get too.
Man I HATE THAT PAIR!!!!!!! Killed me everytime and after bowling on them 4 times I still have no clue how to beat it.
The 2 next games I bowled about as good as I could. Lanes softened up and getting to the pocket was easy, In 2 games I left three 10 pins, three 7 pins, a 9 pin and two 7pins. I shot 234, 237 and I think im 10 short. The 2nd squad is about to start and I now have to wait.
But I'm a realist and another hit some where in my games would of put me in the cut for sure I think.

My only hope is that a few players in the next squad trip and hurt themselves :) (if that actually does happen, I want it known that I had nothing to do with it haha)

Some better news, I was invited to play the Federations Cup which is the Asian Zone Vs American Zone vs European Zone event (kind of like a smaller version of the World Ranking masters). Asia was unable to field enough player because of the extremely late notice of the event, and well since I am living just around the corner I was asked to make up the team.
I dont know a single thing about the event, so when I know more Ill let you know

Till next time

Be good


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