Wednesday, July 23, 2008

San Marino Open

Hey guys,

I am very sorry for the late read here. There have been many problems with the internet at the bowl and the hotel. San Marino is not known for its internet cafes either haha.

San Marino is a little country with in the Italian boarder. Small is an understatement. The city boasts a massive population of about 30,000 and takes roughly 45 minutes to drive around it haha.

What it does have is some amazing views. The city itself has been built on a massive hill. Im not sure how high up we were, but the view from the top of the hill was incredible.

Kimberly and I were looking forward to this event for 2 reason. The first was that we had never been, and the 2nd was that we were to be driving down with some of our best friends.

Timmy Mack and Mike Fagan road with me and Kimberly drove down with our new good friend Celia (from Nice). A road trip it was. Road trips are great for laughing, singing old old old songs and talking about bowling. 6 hours and we were there.

I bowled the first squad and bowled okay. The lanes were not as easy as I heard they were. (Pete Weber, Jens Nickle both had massive 1500 plus scores) i shot something like 1330 and to be honest i felt like i bowled 1430. The next squad was a waste of time really. After driving all day, bowling 1 squad already, my legs were not up to bowling a 2nd squad, but you know me, i love to throw money away haha

I put a touch of polish on my ball after the 2nd squad in hope that the next squad i played, the ball would match up better. I was right. The T-Road looked great on the day and on the lane and i shot 1422.

That score was then enough to qualify with 2 byes and i was put directly into the matchplay part of the event.

I won my first round match against Marilyn Planchard got off to a good start 258 to her 202 then lanes then got a little tricky for both of us but because of my lead after the first game Marilyn couldn't make up the difference. It is never easy playing against a lady because of their 8 pin handicap and it never is easy playing against a fellow countryman, she may not be an Australian but right now France is my second home. My 2nd match in the round of 8 did not go so well. 213-150 were my two scores. Tomas Gross beat me and went on to loose to Remi Ong in the final.
In my match against Tomas, the lanes just broke down so fast and every move i made ended up leaving me with something awful to try and spare. Lost is the best word to describe how i felt while i was bowling.

I finished the event in 5th and was happy with how i played, till my last game, but thats bowling........cant win them all right???

Im driving to Barcelona today and hopefully there they have better internet coverage.

Till next time

Be good

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