Friday, June 27, 2008

Storm Dutch Open

Kimberly and I are now in Holland.

So far I really like this country. It's both Kimberly's and my first trip to the Netherlands and although we have only been here for 36 hours our first impressions are that we both think its a fun country.

We're really looking forward to visiting Amsterdam. We have heard so much about the city and I think it's a place that to completely understand what it all about you have to see it with your own eyes.

Today I bowled a little better than i did last night. We arrived late yesterday and I decided to have a bowl. In short when you srat 148 and then 175, there are usually two reasons for this. You're bowling bad and you have the wrong ball in your hand. That's what happened to me. But with the format here (and all EBT events) 6 games re entry events allow for the occasional bad squad.

Thankfully today I had the right ball in my hand and I bowled much better. I missed a spare and bowled a few bad shots but overall I am happy with how I played. 1461 for six games. Enough for 4th right now.

I now have to sit back and hope another four guys don't go past me so I can stay in the top eight and get a bye into the matchplay round.

The lanes here are on the easier side, a little wet dry later on in the day but if you bowl well there is a HUGE number to be shot.

I'll let you know how I go in the coming days.

Be good


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