Thursday, June 12, 2008


What makes this event so cool???
Is it the $25000 on top to win? or is it the fact that the worlds best bowlers cant average 190?

This is what happens.

You pay your entry and all your scam bets (doubles, teams, high game pots) you place only 2 of your bowling balls on their table, and thats the last you see them till the lights turn on.
They mark your ball with a number on it (a lane number) and then you have to go and find your ball.

The bowling centre is old and run down, but it adds to the feel of this amazing event that has been running since the 20's (might be wrong, could be even earlier).
Lanes 1-20 are sealed and blocked off. Massive golden doors with "WELCOME TO THE PETERSEN, good luck" is written boldly on the door, and for secuirty the doors are pad locked. There is a 12 ft fence built around the lanes, Oh i forgot, the bowling centre is 40 lanes large. So its weird walking into a bowl and seeing half of it closed off.

The announcement to start us off was yelled into the mic and we all walked into the arena.

What makes the event even more special is that there are no arrows on the lanes, there is no practice and each lane is oiled differently from the next,

My first shot, left gutter 30ft down the lane. there was no oil at i got my plastic, 2 of the left. The pinsetters are old and all the pins are off set......but there is no re-racks. Basically its who can hit the head pin the most and that my friend is no easy task.
So to get back to my story. I then moved far to the right and tried to hit the 10 pin, but my ball never moved. 60ft straight up the lane. 3 more pins. In 3 shots i had knocked over 5 pins and after 2 frames i had 9.
This was ridiculous but wildly fun.

The winner of the event usually shoots 20 over. To most amazing thing though is this event runs for 5 months. So in 5 months, with people bowling in it all the time only 1, maybe 2 guys shot 200 average.

Oh I forgot to mention, there is a wall built from the ceiling down, above the arrows. So when you let go of the ball you cant actually see the pins, you have to bend down and look under the wall they have built. Not to mention that some pins weigh 5 times the normal pins and some pins weigh 5 times less. STriking is impossible............. Like i said, ridiculous.

I made a bet with Martin Larsen that i would shoot 200 under for the event. I was off by just a little. I shot 401 UNDER, for 8 games. low games of 112 and 122 and 129 helped me achieve my lowest 8 game total since i was 4.

WOuld i bowl again, FOR SURE, with a different game plan of course........would i suggest everyone to bowl it once in their life....ABSOLUTELY.
The people there are great and really look after you, its also full of non stop laughs.

That was my Petersen experience. Wont be my last though, i will average 200 once at that event.......mark my words :)


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