Thursday, May 29, 2008

EUROPEAN TOUR- The beginning

Hey everyone,

Well I have been flat out organising myself (well Kimberly has been organising me) on our arrival into France.

Nice is now where we are living, and i'll write a huge article on our move and what the place is like in the coming days.

Right now though I just want to inform you that I am at the airport about to fly to Belgium to start my European Bowling Tour campaign. I am extremely excited about the prospects of bowling in europe and whats even better is my lucky charm (Kimberly) gets to come with me everywhere.

I have on clue what the format in Belgium is, except like all EBT events there is a 6 game qualification round that will end on Saturday. I am booked into bowling a squad tomorrow night and the following morning.
So as soon as i finish both my squads i will let you know the format, the lane pattern and most importantly how i played.

Cheers and Ill be back soon

Be good


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