Friday, May 30, 2008

EBT Tour- Brunswick Belgium Open

Well, first off let me say how amazing it was that our flight from Nice to Brussels was only 2 hours. Normally it takes me over 30 hours to get to Europe and for the first time I felt fresh and comfortable when i woke up the following morning. No jet lag for me haha
The scores here are very high, so i knew the lanes would have to be on the easier side, and they were :) but where i think the scores are coming from is the carry.
The pins fall very easy and to shoot big games, well its not as hard as it is normally.

I started the day with 246 243 280, then followed it up with 233 278 and a 233 again, 1513 total.

Not bad :) i know!

I did get a little lucky in that set but ill take it. Right now im sitting 1st with 2 days left of qualifying. If i stay in the top 6 (which im quite certain i will) then i get a bye in the morning and have to just play the matches.

Kimberly and I, joined by Bill O'Neil are going to have a day in Gent today. Heard some great thing, will let you.


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