Monday, April 30, 2007

Runner Up in Istanbul

2nd again at the Istanbul Open.
Im happy though, in a 1 game step ladder anything can happen, and this time i was the guy who couldn't find the pocket.
I played Mathies from Switzland in the semi final and bowled up and down through out the game, going into the 10th i needed all 3 stirkes to win by 1 pin. I threw the ball great and nailed each one. 225-224
Osku had played Paul Moor in the other final and Osku started with the front 6 and Paul never looked like striking, so it was another all 2 handed final, (something i think will happen a few more times in the future).
I was playing a little to the right all day, around the 2nd arrow, hard and straight. The TV pair were playing a little funny all tournament but i thought that would help me because i was playing straighter than Osku, guess i was wrong.
Osku was throwing the ball threw 4th arrow and was just smashing the pins, i couldnt get near the pocket.
He shot 257 and i managed to strike out from the 8th for a 195, i moved in deeper to where he was, but it was a little too late.
2nd again, like last year and my 5 week tour has been ok so far.
6th in Kuwait, 2nd in ABF tour (Kuwait), 1st at the World Masters and 2nd in Istanbul. Guess you cant be to upset with that run.
Off to Florida for the World Ranking Masters, i have a 14 hour flight and a few days of rest before i start.
Lets hope i can keep throwing the ball the way i have been.....


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