Saturday, April 28, 2007

Istanbul Open

OK. So After we had an eventful day walking around Gallipoli and staying up for over 36 hours, Frawls and I both thought it would be a great idea to bowl the 9pm squad when we got back to Istanbul.
Um whose idea was it again???
Both of us played awful. The format is a 6 game re-entry with the top 8 getting 3 byes and the next 8 getting 2 byes and so on till the top 42 make the cut.
After our poor display of bowling, we wne t back to the hotel to rest up for the next days plays.

Sleep didnt seem to help, the next 2 squads i felt like i was aiming at a thumb tack and the tach seem to get smaller and smaller.
The lanes played a little funny, some pairs in the house are almost 20 boards drier, Frawls believes it has something to do with the installation.
My 4th attempt i decided to play smarter and take the massive hook out of my game and play as straight as possible....seemed to work 180 over for my next 6 games and i was on top of the leader board with 2 days left of qualifying.
Now i get to wait and hope i stay in the top 8 and get the 3 important byes.

Frawls is bowling now and is in great shape, 130 over after 4 and looks like he will smash my score. He told me the 500 Euro practice he had in the last 4 squads was well worth the money haha.

Will inform you all how the finals get on in a couple of days.


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