Thursday, April 26, 2007


From Istanbul to Gallipoli its a 5 hour drive and in this traffic it can feel like 10.
Finding ourselves a ride to Gallipoli was harder than we both first thought. All the tours were fully booked and noone wanted to drive us 5 hours to Gallipoli, stay for the dawn service and drive right back so we need to find a guy who knew a guy who knew another guy that could help us.
After an hour of trying to find someone, we got a number to a guy who organised everything from pick up, food and travel home.
His price though was not something we liked, $400 US each but you know what, to experiance something that means so much to every Australian, i would of paid more.

Gallipoli is famous for the landing of Australian and New Zealander army troops to fight the Turks in World War 1. At school I learnt a lot about this battle and the stories told were horrific.
10,000 Men died at ANZAC beach, the main reason they lost tha many was because of the terrain the men fought in.
Once the ships laned onto the beach the a cliff of 30ft sttod infront of them and the Turish Army used the ANZAC men as taregt practice.

The dawn service commenced and the weather was freezing, about -1 plus the wind off the water made sitting still impossible.
9000 people attened the service and it was extremly powerful and emotional. I cant not put into words how the men must of felt during that campaign and i am extremly grateful and thankful to the men who lost theirs lives to keep Australia safe.

It is something ill never forget and something that will stay fresh in my mind for many years to come.

Thanks to the Frawls who made this trip so much better than if i went on my own.

Bowling starts tomorrow, will keep you updated on that.


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