Sunday, August 12, 2007

My first Indonesian Open win

The 2 day final (16 games, split into 8 and 8) had begun and i was a little nervous about the lane pattern, it had started to play closer and closer to the gutter each day, which would of made me more comfortable if i had the right equipment but i didn't.

I started the first 3 games slow, just trying to make every spare, the condition was brutal. If you missed left or right, to fast or to slow, with the wrong release you were punished. If you bowled more than 250 on this pattern you bowled a great game. Not to mention the pin carry is very bad here.

I found a decent line to the pocket, bowling quite hard but very straight around the 17th board at the arrows. I left a million 10 and 7 pins, plus each game had at least one split. Pair to pair was just as tricky as well.
Many players including myself would struggle the first part of the game, find something good to finish the game, move pairs and the lanes were completely different. Like i said, 250 or higher was a great game.

By the end of the first day i was sitting first, by 9 pins but had another 8 games the following day.

The next day the lanes felt impossible, i bowled 100 over with next high series for the day was 50 over. The scores were so low, noone could score any high games.

I needed a 220 game in my last game to qualify top seed and i did, 224 to be exact.

I was top seed into the step ladder which is a huge advantage. If i am to loose the first match in the final, the challenger must then beat me again to win the title.

I started the final game well with the front 5, i felt those 5 strikes were my best 5 shots of the week, but like always the lane started to change a little and i left a split in the 6th and a spare in the 7th.
The young Korean i was playing had 2 spares and 4 strike in his first 6 frames meaning i was behind with 4 frames left.
The Korean left a split in the 7th, struck the 8th and spared the 9th. Meaning all i need was to stay clean to win..... i doubled the 8th and 9th and then the match was won.

My first title in Indonesia and i could not be happier.

After the match there was a press conference and there were many TV and newspaper cameras in the room. I felt like i was Roger Federer at the Australian Open haha

This was my 2nd trip in Indonesia and i will be back for sure


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Kit said...

Congratulations on the win, Belmo. Watched your finals match at the JAB. :-)